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Syllabus / Assessment

Paper 1: Written Report (40%)
Students will produce a Written Report (2500-3000 words) at the end of the project. The report will be assessed on substantiation of ideas, generation of ideas, analysis and evaluation of ideas and organization of ideas. It will be graded on a group basis.

Paper 2: Oral Presentation (40%)
After submission of the report, students will give an Oral Presentation in the presence of an audience. Following the presentation, each student will individually answer at least 1 question posed by the assessor. The presentation will be assessed on fluency and clarity of speech, awareness of audience, response to questions and effectiveness of group presentation. It will be graded on both individual and group basis.

Paper 3: Group Project File (20%)
Students are to submit a Group Project File (GPF) which will consist of the following documents:
  • Group Project Proposal (GPP) 
  • Preliminary Ideas (PI) 
  • Evaluation of relevant print/non-print materials (EoM) 
  • Insights and Reflections (I&R) 
The group project file will be assessed on generation of ideas as well as analysis and evaluation of ideas. It will be graded on an individual basis. The GPP will not be assessed but must be included in the GPF.