Basketball (Boys)



Basketball was established as a Sports CCA in 2000.  Members train intensively at least three times a week during the peak season and twice a week during the off-peak season. The training programme consists of strength training, court training and fitness training. The basketball boys are involved in a series of activities throughout the year: friendly matches, invitational tournaments, sports cultural exchange trips and National School Games Basketball Championships.

Teachers i/c, Instructor, EXCO and training information

Teachers i/c
Mr Tan Keok Wen

Mrs Loh Seow Yoke Annie
Ms Ng Lee Siah

Mr Elvin Chong Beng Chee

Joshner B De Guzman
Class: 17S07  

Gundu Mahidhar Reddy                                                                     
Class: 17S12  

Thomas Joseph Lee Alba
Class: 17S17  

Training days
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday  

PJC Basketball Courts