Football (Boys)



PJC Football was a CCA initiated by students in 2014. The CCA started out with only 14 players but the number of players has grown tremendously over the years. With well-organised plans and the hunger for success, the PJC Football team aims to achieve a Top 8 spot in the annual ‘A’ Division in the coming years. The intensive training programme consisting of strength training, field training and fitness training aims to develop our boys into more resilient individuals. Through these training sessions, our boys fostered strong teamwork and camaraderie spirit. In addition, the PJC Football team also aims to nurture our players holistically through various activities such as Values-in-Action projects and friendly matches with other colleges.

Teachers i/c, Instructor, EXCO and training information

Teachers i/c

Mr Chng Xian Yi
Mr Goh Miao Guang

Mr Isa Haleem


Izz Afiq B Hermansyah
Class: 17S01 

Nigel Cheong
Class: 17S09 

Training days
Wednesday and Friday


PJC Field