Indian Cultural Society



From its humble beginnings since 2000, Indian Cultural Society has reached many peaks of achievements with its active participation in school based and national based competitions. Dance, drama, debate, singing are some of our niches. In ICS, students are exposed to both South Indian and North Indian dance ranging from folk to contemporary. ICS is not only opened to Indian students but we welcome students from other ethnicities as well. Our dance instructors are from the famed local Indian dance group, Sangeshtraz, Mr Morali and Ms Kesh.

Teachers i/c, Instructor, EXCO and training information

Teachers i/c

Ms Gunaselvi Munisamy
Mr Palanivelu Balakrishnan


Mr Morali K Mahalingam
Ms Keswariya 


Divya Manoj
Class: 17S03


N Divya
Class: 17S03

Training days:

Wednesdays (2.30 – 5.00 pm)
Fridays (4.30 pm – 7.00 pm)


Dance Studio