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Outdoor Activities Club (ODAC)



Outdoor Activities Club (ODAC) brings together students who have a strong passion for outdoor activities. It is a unique CCA that challenges students to overcome their fears and experience nature in the rawest form. In the spirit of our motto, “Venturing Beyond Limits”, our tenacious ODAC members participate in physically demanding activities to strengthen their endurance and put their physical and psychological limits to the test. Aside from regular physical training to boost their fitness, other exciting activities include camps, overseas expedition, kayaking, night trekking, night cycling, rock climbing and first-aid training.

Teachers i/c, Instructor, EXCO and training information

Teachers i/c

Ms Aini Azidah Bte Haja Maideen 
Ms Chang Shuning 
Mr Freddie Chen Tuck Han    


Dazlin Arumugam

Class: 17S02


Chen Yu Ru

Class: 17A01


Haslieyana Binte Suhaimi

Class: 17S17

Logistics i/cs

Sim Shi Ming

Class: 17S17

Tan Wei Yu

Class: 17S12

Training i/cs

Law Zhen Wen

Class: 17S17

Ng Tze Kean

Class: 17S23

Training days
Wednesdays 3.00-6.00 pm, Fridays 4.30-7.00 pm


ODAC Room, Track Area, Pang Sua Park Connector and other external venues