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Merging of Schools

Pioneer Junior College (PJC) will be merging with Jurong Junior College (JJC) in 2019 and will continue to admit JC 1 students in 2018 at our current campus in Teck Whye. We remain committed in our mission to bring out the best in every child and to nurture a community of committed learners and compassionate leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Will there still be Direct School Admission (DSA) for admission in 2018?

    Yes. Please refer to our website for updates on the DSA application process.

  2. Where will the merged JC site be located?

    It will be at our current PJC campus at 21 Teck Whye Walk Singapore 688258.

  3. What would be the Cut-Off Point (COP) for admission in 2018?

    The JC admission process will not change. Applicants will continue to be posted to a course based on merit, according to their L1R5 net aggregate scores (taking into account the various bonus points for which the applicants are eligible for). The COP for 2018 will depend on students’ net aggregate scores and their course choices during the JAE that year. Previous year’s admission scores are meant as a reference for applicants applying and do not constitute the admission scores for subsequent admission exercises. For reference, PJC’s COP for 2017 was 12 (Science) and 13 (Arts). JJC’s COP for 2017 was 15 (Science and Arts).


For further queries, please email at pjcmerge@moe.edu.sg or contact us at +65 65646878.

Thank you.