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Best WSC Results in PJC History!

Congratulations Team PiONEer for achieving the BEST results ever in the World Scholars’ Cup (WSC)! The preparation work began in early 2017 with many hours put into training the team and it was truly a ONE Pioneer effort as both teachers and alumni rallied together to coach the teams, even putting in extra hours in the weekends. The coaching team consisted of Mr Nigel Kaw, Mdm Helyaty, Ms Megan Miao, assisted by Alumni Stephanie Lee, Ahmad Asyraf and Candice Wee. Many other PJC WSC alumni also assisted in training by judging debates and setting questions.

This year's Global Round was the largest in the tournament's history and saw 3691 scholars from 40 countries taking part. The senior division consisted of 1539 scholars. 

 2017 World's Scholars Cup Team PJC

Group photo of Team PJC

Some result highlights include:

Overall Team Results

- 4th in the world

- 12th in the world

- 2nd in SE Asia

- 10th in SE Asia

All teams from PJC ranked in the top 10% in the world


Overall Individual Result

- 10th in the world (Sim Jun You)

- 11th in the world (Alwin Chai)

- 19th in the world (Lianne Sng)

Many of our results put us in the top 6.9% - 13.8%.


Other notable results

- Team Debate ( overall 2nd & 11th)

- Team Bowl (overall 9th)

- Team Challenge (overall 12th, 15th & 18th)

- Individual Writing (5th: Alwin Chai)

- Individual Debate (6th: Sim Jun You)

Congratulations Team Pioneer for the commendable results! Congratulations also to Mr Nigel Kaw who was awarded the ‘Coach of the Decade (2007-2017)’ Award!

Well done Team PiONEer!