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National Day 2017 @ PJC

Pioneer Junior College celebrated Singapore’s 52nd National Day on Tuesday 8 August. As per the college’s tradition the day started in the Parade Square with a rousing flag ceremony led by the Parade Commanders – students from the various uniformed organisations, the processional march and National Anthem were provided by the Symphonic Band and College Chior.


 PJC National Day Marching Contingent

In recognition of the additional celebration of NS 50, the PJC Parade Commanders teamed up with the college’s partner from the SCDF – 11C4I Battalion.  Members of the Battalion, some whom are PJC alumni, helped to train the Parade Commanders to make the observance sharper. Another community partner, the Chinese Development Assistance Council was also in attendance for the programme and elederly members of the local community were at the college to share the festivities with the students and staff, truly exhibiting the theme for National Day 2017 #OneNationTogether. Students spent an hour with their respective Civics Classes and engaged in a special lesson focused on better understanding the importance of National Service and the role that it plays and how it touches every resident of Singapore’s lives.


 11C4I Battalion & PJC School Leaders

 National Day Celebration Sing-Along

 One Nation, One PJC

 Best Write-up Award

Students were encouraged to share their own connections to National Service through their family and friends and to bring an artefact to support these special connections.  After the classes, students, staff and the community friends moved to Hall for the annual National Day Concert where trivia games, vocal and dance performances were enjoyed by all.  The Celebration was capped off with group singing of popular National Day songs ending with the perennial favourite ‘Home’!