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College History

Pioneer Junior College (PJC) was established on 2 January 2000, under the leadership of its first Principal, Mr Kwek Hiok Chuang, at a holding site on 10/12 Science Centre Road. The college was officially opened at its current site at 21 Teck Whye Walk by Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, then Acting Minister for Education on 20 February 2004. On 16 December 2005, Mrs Tan-Kek Lee Yong took over the helm to become the college’s 2nd Principal. 

PJC aims to nurture a community of committed learners and compassionate leaders and prides itself as a value-added college which is committed to providing a quality and holistic education for its students through the twin pillars of academic excellence and character development. 

A key strength of our college is our sustained academic value-addedness over the years since its inception. For each cycle of three consecutive years, the college has continued to value-add in its academic results to attain the Value-Added Gold/Silver Achievement Award as well as the Sustained Achievement Award for Academic Value-Added, which the college has attained across five three-year cycles. Students consistently achieved results above expectations based on projections from their ‘O’ Level L1R5 points. This value-addedness has been steadily increasing by wider margins in recent years, a reflection of the dedication of our educators to inspire our students to achieve their individual best. 

Other key awards that the college has achieved: 

Outstanding Development Award in Character Development, an award that recognises the college’s efforts, processes and structures to develop good character in students. 

School Distinction Award, an award that recognises the college’s exemplary school processes and practices. 

Outstanding Development Award for National Education, an award that recognises the college’s efforts to develop in our students the instinct for survival, national cohesion and confidence in our future. 

National Arts Education Award (SPARKS), an award in recognition of its efforts in Arts education. 

Awards that the college has continued to sustain: 

Best Practice Award 
Sustained Achievement Award for Aesthetics 
Cherish Award 
LOTUS Excellent Schools’ Green Audit Award 
Partners’ Merit Award 

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