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College Overview

The College Crest

PJC College Emblem



The PJC logo represents the emergence of a new spirit of creativity and flexibility within the parameters of conventions and norms. These are qualities embodied in the spirit of the college of the new millennium - Pioneer Junior College.


The right angles extol virtues of integrity and fortitude, while the obtuse angles, as well as the protruding edge, signify the Pioneer's willingness to extend his thinking beyond the bounds of accepted practices by adopting a spirit of adventure and entrepreneurship. The upward thrust of the two coloured bands points to the eagerness of the Pioneer to look ahead to the future, while being anchored firmly in the core values of the past. The 62-degree angle created at the joining of the 2 coloured bands is deliberate; it represents the 62 teaching and non-teaching staff who started the College on 1 Dec 1999.


The image of a blank, white canvas epitomises the openness of attitude with which the Pioneer accepts differences in perspective. Charcoal connotes the 'fuel of knowledge'; as the fuel is burnt, the 'fires of learning', as represented by Vermilion, are ignited. This fire burns with youthful energy and passion, attributes that the Pioneer must possess as he forges ahead with a pioneering spirit.

College Vision

"Always Serving, Always Learning"

College Mission

"Nurturing a Community of Committed Learners and Compassionate Leaders"

College Motto


College Values

Having a sense of Commitment
Showing Compassion
Seeking Continuous Improvement
Demonstrating Confidence
Building Strength of Character

College Creed

While I Live, I Learn -
To be committed in giving my best,
To be compassionate in serving others,
To have confidence that I can achieve.

I shall constantly seek to improve;
To give of myself;
To be true in all that I do.

In crossing new frontiers,
I shall strive to lead by example,
For it is in my learning that I live

College Anthem

Verse I

Here I stand
The dawning of a brand new day
As I look to the way ahead
In my heart burns the fire of learning
And it shines everywhere I go
Never fading and ever yearning
While I live, I learn and grow.

I will seek and explore
Open each and every door
Always caring and faithful and true
To be a guiding light
Set the future shining bright
For my college and for nation too
I am a true Pioneer
Crossing every new frontier
With conviction I take every turn
This passion I will hold
So that everyone may know
I believe: While I live, I learn.

Verse 2

Here we stand
Together on this special day
Pioneers who will lead the way
All our hearts share the spirit of exploring
In our lives we will always show
How we've set our sights on soaring
While we live, we learn and grow.


And we'll seek and explore
Open each and every door
Always caring and faithful and true
To be a guiding light
Set the future shining bright
For our college and for nation too
Yes, we are true Pioneers
Crossing all the new frontiers
With conviction we take every turn
This passion we will hold
So that everyone may know
We believe: While we live, we learn.