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Direct School Admission (DSA) 


Jurong Pioneer Junior College will consider graduating students from Secondary Schools for direct admission into JC1 prior to the release of their GCE ‘O’ Level results based on their achievements and talents.

A DSA Tea session will be held from 9.00 am to 11.30 am in the library at Pioneer Junior College, 21 Teck Whye Walk, on 7 July 2018 Saturday, for interested applicants who like to find out more.

The college will consider direct admission for the following programmes and CCAs:

Language Elective Programmes

    • Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP)
    • Malay Language Elective Programme (MLEP) 

Performing Arts
    • Chinese Orchestra
    • Choir
    • Dance
    • English Drama
    • Guitar Ensemble
    • Symphonic Band 

    • Athletics (Boys and Girls)
    • Badminton (Boys and Girls)
    • Basketball (Boys)
    • Floorball (Boys)
    • Football (Boys) 
    • Hockey (Girls)
    • Netball (Girls)
    • Table Tennis (Boys and Girls)
    • Taekwondo (Boys and Girls)
    • Tennis (Boys and Girls)
    • Volleyball (Boys and Girls)
    • Ultimate Frisbee (Boys and Girls)

Clubs and Societies

    • Debate Society (English) 



Students applying through DSA should satisfy the following:  
    • Fulfil MOE’s age criteria (as of 1 Jan 2019).
o    For SC and SPR: 16 to 20 years old.
o    For International Students: 16 to 18 years old.

    • Are sitting for the GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations in 2018 or already hold GCE ‘O’ Level qualifications that qualify for admission to a Junior College.
    • Submit a portfolio with evidence of strength in the respective languages. Including:
o   Chinese Language (CLEP) or Malay Language (MLEP) from Secondary 2.
o   Accomplishment in Chinese Language (CLEP) or Malay Language (MLEP) related CCA and/or competitions.
o   Recommendation letter from the Secondary School.

Performing Arts CCAs  

Students applying through DSA should satisfy ONE of the following:
    • Received at least a Certificate of Accomplishment in the latest SYF Arts Presentation.
    • Participated in prestigious competitions or music festival.
    • Demonstrated outstanding individual talent in the respective Arts group.

Sports CCA  

Students applying through DSA should satisfy ONE of the following:
    • Represented at the Inter-School / Youth / Combined Schools / National Team Level.
    • Achieved Top 4 positions in Zone / National Competition.
    • Demonstrated outstanding individual talent in the respective sports.

Debate Society

Students applying through DSA should satisfy ONE of the following:
    • Have prior experience in debating at school / national level.
    • Able to demonstrate that he or she is articulate, confident and knowledgeable.


Phase 1

Offer Stage (25 Jun to 24 Jul 2018) 
    • JC to carry out selection and Phase 1 offers. 

Acceptance Stage (25 Jul to 27 Jul 2018)

    • Each student may accept only one Phase 1 offer within this stage, regardless of the number of offers received. 
    • Phase 1 offers that are not accepted expire at the end of this stage.

Cooling-Off Stage (30 Jul to 1 Aug 2018)
    • JC to make Phase 2 offers. 
    • Students should cancel earlier acceptance of Phase 1 offers if they wish to consider Phase 2 offers.
Phase 2

Offer Stage (30 Jul to 24 Aug 2018)
    • JC to make Phase 2 offers during this stage. 
    • This overlaps with the Cooling-Off Stage of Phase  1. 

Acceptance Stage (27 Aug to 30 Aug 2018)
    • Each student who has yet to commit to any offer may accept only one Phase 2 offer within this period, regardless of the number of offers received. 


DSA - JC selection process for both Phases 1 & 2

Step 1: 
Interested applicants are to submit hardcopy of portfolio to PJC General Office LATEST by: 

9 July 2018 Monday, 5.00 pm (Phase 1)
6 August 2018 Monday, 5.00 pm (Phase 2)
The Application Form can be downloaded through this link.

Step 2:
Panel of teachers will shortlist suitably qualified candidates. 

Step 3(a):
Shortlisted suitably qualified applicants will be contacted for audition or interview. 

Step 3(b):
Applicants not shortlisted will be informed through SMS. 

Step 4:
Shortlisted applicants are briefed on DSA conditions before being auditioned and interviewed by CCA teachers I/C. 

Step 5: 
Panel will meet to discuss selection outcomes. 

Step 6: 
List of recommended applicants will be submitted to school leaders for consideration and approval. 

Step 7:
Once approved, a Letter of Offer is sent out to successful applicants by post. 

Step 8:
Successful applicants are to report to JPJC to sign Letter of Acceptance if they accept the JC’s offer.

Step 9:  
Unsuccessful applicants who have been auditioned/interviewed will be informed through SMS.


Shortlisted applicants will undergo both a skills trial and/or an interview.

11 July 2018, Wednesday or 13 July 2018, Friday (Phase 1 Exercise)  
15 August 2018, Friday or 17 August 2018, Wednesday (Phase 2 Exercise)  

Please bring along appropriate attire and personal equipment/gear as required for the selection. Those auditioning for Chinese Orchestra and Symphonic Band may request to borrow the bigger instruments.

The selection criteria are as follows:
    • Level/Range of adaptability, technical playing/performance skills 
    • Level of potential, confidence and knowledge demonstrated 
    • Passion and attitude demonstrated during performance and interview 


Please contact any one of the following teachers: