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Partnerships with parents, alumni and external organisations

Pioneer Junior College (PJC) is committed to “nurturing a community of committed learners and compassionate leaders”, a commitment that remains resolute in the ongoing efforts to develop the citizen who is ready to overcome challenges of the 21st Century. PJC acknowledges that the goal of any collaborative effort within the college is to bring the stakeholders and the college together to support the learning as well as development of the child.

Leveraging on our strategic partnerships to bring about the pervasive impact on the growth of our students has indeed come to fruition. The conscious effort by everyone in the college in nurturing such partnerships via a whole-school approach, a shared partnership vision and most significantly, a school culture that fosters and sustains such efforts forms the philosophy that guides the college in establishing meaningful and sustainable partnerships.


Partnerships with Parents

The college’s Parents Partnership Programme (P3) aims to engage the parents in the academic and character development of our students.

Regular and frequent meetings and sharing sessions which include the annual JC1 parents’ conference, parenting talks on various topics, semester meet-the-parents sessions are organised for parents.

In order to help improve parent-child relationships, resources are developed by the college for parents to download and for reference.

To ensure a two-pronged approach, PJC has opened up avenues for parents to be involved such as:

  • being speakers and/or facilitators in programmes and events organised by the college; 
  • providing of work shadowing opportunities to help students understand the value of work; 

It is through such engagement and involvement that the college hopes our parents would understand better the college’s mission and vision. Such tacit understanding of the college’s needs would in turn allow parents to contribute in various ways to help us achieve our goals with greater efficacy.

Parents who wish to share their expertise or resources in the Parents' Partnership Programme can contact Ms Alice Seah, HOD Affective Development @ 6564 6878 Ext 269

 Members of the Parent Support Group

Partnerships with Alumni

The college has the “Pioneer Alumni Circle (PAC)” to stay connected to our alumni. The college engages alumni as motivational speakers for college events. The alumni do demonstrate their commitment by offering academic consultation, complementing the efforts of teachers in helping students achieve academic success; serve as volunteer coaches and trainers for CCAs; plan activities to connect the past and present batch of students to strengthen college spirit and provide work shadowing opportunities for the juniors.

                                                                    Alumni participating in college events.


Partnerships with External Organisations

The college’s partnerships with the external organisations are extensive and varied, spanning across different areas and levels of engagement, with a common aim to nurture committed learners and compassionate leaders. To date, we have established purposeful relationships with various organisations and individuals, voluntary welfare organisations and government agencies. Key programmes that have been implemented and sustained over the years through the whole-school approach include the Service Learning Programme, Work Shadowing Programme, Engaging China Programme, Internationalisation Programme and Pioneer Heritage Programme.