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Pioneer Alumni

Dear Pioneer Junior College (PJC) Alumni,

The declining birth rate in Singapore has led to a corresponding decline in students entering post-secondary institutions.  There will be a fall in demand of around 3,200 JC places between 2010 and 2019, with the sharpest decline expected in 2018 and 2019.  The reduction in the cohort size will result in very low enrolment across all JCs in the long term.


To address the impacts of these demographic shifts, 4 pairs of JCs, including PJC, will merge in 2019 to ensure that each JC can continue to provide a wide range of learning programmes and experiences for its students. Regardless of the merger, we remain committed in our mission to nurture a community of committed learners and compassionate leaders. We will work closely with Jurong Junior College (JJC) to ensure that our students’ educational experience will not be compromised by the merger in any way, and that they will in fact, have new opportunities to collaborate with students from JJC and to partake in a wider range of signature programmes from both colleges.


We recognise that students’ experiences in their schools play an integral part of our common identity and memories. Rest assured that PJC and our teachers remain steadfast in our mission, committed to our cherished ethos and valued education programmes. We will ensure that the rich history and heritage of both JCs be handed down through the merged college.


We thank you for your support for PJC over the years and seek your continued support for the merged JC. We appreciate the queries that you may have and will endeavour to address the clarifications you seek. Should we be unable to do so, we will collate the questions and seek input from MOE. Please be assured that your queries and concerns are important to us and we will handle them with utmost care.


You may contact us by email: pjcmerge@moe.edu.sg or by telephone: 65646878.


Yours sincerely,

Mrs Tan-Kek Lee Yong,

Principal, Pioneer Junior College.

Our Alumni

Jeremy Chin

 Kang Hyun Joon

Toh Yi Jie

Naqibah Zulkifli

Eugene Koh