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Student Council

Vision: Leading Selflessly, Serving Passionately

The Student Council is a student-elected body that represents the student body by acting as the communication bridge between the student population and the School Management Committee for the continuous improvement of the College. They are a group of committed and passionate leaders, who are also dedicated to building school spirit and fostering a Pioneer’s sense of belonging to the College through the organisation of events that will make college life more vibrant. 

As the premier leadership body of the college, student councillors are presented with many platforms to develop leadership skills. They are given opportunities to attend the College's annual Leadership Training Camp, represent the College on overseas trips as well as initiate, lead and mentor fellow Pioneers in the organisation of various college-wide activities and events. 

This vision “Leading Selflessly, Serving Passionately” encapsulates the belief of each Councillor and serves as a compass that will guide them on the journey of leadership and service to the school. During their term of office, each Councillor will assume position in a standing committee and in an event planning committee. With Student Council Teacher Advisors (SCTA) sharing the same vision as the Council, a developmental approach is taken in the designation of positions.

Structure of Student Council

The Student Council consists of 4 main committees, led by the Main Executive Committee. They are the Welfare Committee, Relations Committee, Publications Committee and Esprit Committee, each being helmed by both the Head and Deputy Head of the committee.


Structure of the Student Council

The Main Executive Committee is headed by the President, two Vice-Presidents and the Honorary General Secretary. Together, they are responsible for setting the vision and directions of the council, maintaining the high standards expected of each student councillor as role models, as well as in overseeing all planning and operational aspects of Student Council activities. They also work closely with the Heads and Deputy Heads of the other 4 main committees to chart the leadership progress of each councillor. 

The Welfare Committee is responsible for the well-being of Pioneers and aspires to cultivate a sense of empathy and compassion in the student body through projects such as the ‘Change for Change’, Appreciation Week, etc. The Welfare Committee also manages The Sanctuary, a place where students can relax and take a break from their hectic schedule in school. 

The Relations Committee represents the voice of the student body. Serving with the interests of students at heart, they provide various avenues for the student body to voice out their concerns and feedback. This is done through the bi-annual student dialogue sessions and the online feedback platform such as twitter. They will communicate the feedback & concerns from the student body to the School Management Committee for the continuous improvement of the College. In turn, they will relay follow-up actions from the School Management Committee to the student body to close the loop. 

The Publications Committee seeks to permeate through the student body and showcase the oft unseen lives of Pioneers beyond school through Humans of PJC (social media platform). Till date, they have featured a wide array of Pioneers, ranging from students to teachers to the school cleaners. In addition, the Publications Committee have also launched their first online newsletter, 62 Degrees which is written by Pioneers, for Pioneers. Through this newsletter, they aim to reach out to the student body to help forge meaningful connections between them. The publishing of the newsletter is also perfectly timed to coincide with significant Council events to serve as non-invasive forms of publicity to a highly targeted audience. 

The Esprit Committee is responsible for building the school spirit and a sense of belonging to the College. The committee consists of both the House Captains and Vice House Captains of the 6 Houses. The 6 houses are Byron, Darwin, Nobel, Keller, Owens and Polo. Together, they aspire to make Pioneer Junior College a vibrant and homely place for all Pioneers through house events as well as in leading Pioneers in cheers during match supports to boost the morale of our competitors.

Teachers i/c, EXCO and training information


Student Council Teachers:
       Ms Lee Yanmei (Advisor)
       Ms Tan Su Lynn (OIC)
       Mr Steve Poh Swee Huat
       Mr Sunil Ebenezer Sutherson
       Mr Samuel Kang Shan Mu
       Ms Penny Lee
       Mr Nur Izhar Bin Sa’at
       Mr Yeo Chengfeng

Khong Wykinn
Class: 18S02

Tan Xin Yi
Class: 18S14

Ravi Gopinath
Class: 18S13
Honorary General Secretary:
Teow Yong Qing
Class: 18S05
Head of Esprit:                                   
Caleb Neo Meng Khuan
Class: 18S14
Head of Relations:
Shernisse Tay Jing Fei
Class: 18A06
Deputy Head of Relations:
Chang Jing Tong
Class: 18S04
Head of Publications:
Manimolian Elankumuthan
Class: 18S17
Deputy Head of Publications:
Ng Xin Wei Ksandra
Class: 18S09
Deputy Head of Publications:
Dingal Lim Jing Li
Class: 18S15
Head of Welfare:
Natalie Heng Shu Hui
Class: 18A06
Deputy Head of Welfare:
Ramya D/O S Saravanan
Class: 18A08

General Meetings are held on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Venue: Lecture Theatres and Classrooms


       OGL Camp 2018
       Orientation 2018
       External Elections
       Valentine’s Day Celebrations
       Chinse New Year ‘Huat Ah!’ Event
       Elects Induction Camp
       JC1 and JC2 Dialogue Session
       Internal Elections
       Teacher’s Day Celebrations
       Appreciation Week
       Running of student-centric newsletter, 62o
       Running of Humans of Pioneer Facebook and Instagram
       Welfare Bazaar
       Graduation Night
       Overseas Leadership and Cultural Immersion Trip to Chongqing Dec 2017


Passing on the mantle from one batch to the next at the Student Council Investiture 


Councillors hosting Grad Night 2017 – ‘Timeless’

Interacting with their Chinese counterparts during the Cultural Immersion Trip to Chongqing

Councillors leading the way at Orientation 2018 


Students and Staff enjoying themselves at the ‘Huat Ah!’ Event