The fundamental mission of the Biology Unit is to provide an intensive, progressive, and balanced learning experience in the fields of Physiology, Cell & Molecular Biology as well as Biological Diversity & Evolution.

We have a team of teachers, trained in the many fields of Life Sciences, such as Physiology, Ecology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology. We take pride in our innovative approaches in the teaching of the subject and are committed to excellence in our teaching programme. We strive to develop each student's ability to think and interpret critically the knowledge and theories of biology, to relate and apply that knowledge to their daily life and to communicate his or her understanding to others and during examinations.

Besides striving for academic excellence, we also aim to instill in students a passion for biology through the organisation of biology-related enrichment activities such as encouraging attendance of seminars at the local universities, overseas learning trips to different universities in Australia and workshops at the Science Centre.