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Enrichment Programmes

Mathematics & Science Trip to Melbourne, Australia (June 2012)

The learning journey to Melbourne was truly an enriching and memorable one. Throughout this six days journey, students immersed themselves in the culture and climate of Melbourne. Students were able to appreciate the warm weather of Singapore better after experiencing the freezing weather in Melbourne and also the diversity of cultures, places and food that is unique to Singapore.

During the trip, students got to see some of the real life applications of Mathematics and Science in preserving and understanding of our nature environment. Overall, students enjoyed and learnt the practical use of Mathematics and Science through this experience. 

Enjoying the wind at the Wind Farm, Melbourne 

Learning more about the plants at the Twelve Apostles 

Seeing a 3D printer for the first time 

Time for some experiments 

Investigating the elements 

Learning more about the Cane Toad