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Have you ever wondered how computers can do quadrillion calculations per second? Or how computers were invented and evolved to become an important part of our lives today? Since the college’s beginnings, H2 Computing has been offered at Pioneer Junior College to give students who are fascinated by the power of computers the opportunity to pursue their interests. 

H2 Computing is designed with a focus on the disciplinarity of the subject that largely evolves around problem solving and computational thinking. It serves to provide a foundation for further study in computing-related disciplines and fields involving computer technologies and applications. As a subject in the curriculum, H2 Computing also creates opportunities for students to develop 21st Century competencies through the way students learn. 


To develop in students
          1. Computational thinking through the analysis, design and implementation of algorithms in a variety of problem situations; 
          2. An understanding of the ethical, social and economical issues associated with the use of computers and information communications technology; 
          3. Skills in project management through the planning, design and creation of system solutions for business, engineering, education or entertainment; 
          4. Essential life skills such as critical and inventive thinking, collaboration, communication and self-directed learning.