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Syllabus / Assessment

Students will sit for the A-level examinations in H2 Computing at the end of the two-year course. The examinations comprise a lab-based paper and a written paper.

The examination will assess candidates’ ability to:
  • understand and explain computing concepts, algorithms, techniques, and tools; 
  • apply their knowledge and understanding to define and analyse problems, determine data specifications, and solve problems computationally within stated limits of computation; 
  • communicate the design, development and management of a system solution in the context of a given computing scenario. 

Candidates will offer two papers as follows:

Paper 1 (Lab-based, 3 hours 15 minutes, 35% weightage)

This Paper tests Module 1 through four structured questions taken in a computer laboratory. The questions will test candidates’ problem-solving ability through the writing of effective and practical algorithms in Python programming language as solutions to given problem definitions described in the paper. This Paper carries 35% of the total marks and covers assessment objective (b).

Paper 2 (Written, 3 hours, 65% weightage)

This Paper tests all three modules through one question on a case scenario described in the Paper and five other structured questions. The case scenario will test candidates’ ability to communicate their understanding and application of the system development cycle and project management techniques. The other five questions will test candidates’ knowledge and understanding of topics covered in Module 1 and Module 2. This Paper carries 65% of the total marks and covers assessment objectives (a) - (c).