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Enrichment Programmes

Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme (Shanghai and Suzhou)

To allow students to have a better understanding of the economics, history and culture of China and see how economic concepts can be applied in real life situations, the Economics Department organises educational trips to Shanghai and Suzhou. Another purpose of the trip is to cultivate the entrepreneur mindset in students and allow them to see and exploit economic opportunities in China should they decide to become an entrepreneur in the future.

A visit to Huanli Electric in Suzhou 

Work Experience at Huan Li 

Work Experience at Huan Li 

Pioneers’ Reflections

“I have gained insights of China's glorious history and rich heritage. The trip to Shanghai and Suzhou was very helpful in aiding my understanding of the world’s involvement in China. The group business proposal was also an enriching experience as I learned how to develop business ideas targeted at the Chinese market.”
Richmond Tan Soon Yuen, 14A05

“The thought of studying a whole new subject was initially intimidating, but the novice approach taken by PJC Economics Department in helping the students understand new economics concepts and applying skills in essays and case studies definitely made it seem so much easier. Lectures were complemented with discussions during tutorial sessions in class to clarify our doubts and check our understanding. Overall, it allowed me to gain analytical skills and appreciate Economics as a subject that correlates with events in the world.”
Eunice Tan, 10S11

“Being a Science student, I initially found it hard to study Economics as I did not know the skills involved in answering essays and case studies. However, under the guidance of my dedicated Economic tutor, I learned how to effectively apply economic concepts to my answers. I am grateful towards the entire Economics team in PJC for preparing us thoroughly for the A Levels. From revision lectures to mock exams to useful revision packages, they have done a superb job and instilled confidence in me. Upon submitting my examination scripts, I never once doubt that I will get that A.”
Maria Ng, 09S25

“Learning economics in PJC is definitely fun and interesting. It can be tough and dry at first when you first got to know the subject, but with helpful and committed tutors willing to go the extra mile, you will find learning economics in PJC easy and enjoyable. It is a place where continuous learning in Economics starts and never ends!”
Eugene Koh, 09S25

"All great journeys begin with a single step. Pioneer JC has kindled my interest and helped develop my passion for the study of Economics. The highly resourceful and dedicated team of teachers from the Economics Department has equipped me with a strong foundational understanding of one of our world's most vital mechanics. I'm grateful that this is where I started my journey in this field—it is a springboard that has launched me to embrace endless possibilities."
Adam Yen, 09S28