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Enrichment Programmes

Overseas Learning Journeys – China & Hong Kong (2016), Australia (2015, 2011), Vietnam (2014). These overseas learning journeys are carried out annually to help students better understand and internalise the various literary landscapes that pertain to the English texts they are studying.

China Studies in English and English Literature Cultural Immersion Trip to Guangzhou and Hong Kong 2016

Group Shot @ Golden Bauhinia Square: China Studies in English and English Literature Cultural Immersion Trip to Guangzhou and Hong Kong 2016

In November 2016, H1 and H2 English Literature students, together with H1 and H2 China Studies in English students took part in the combined Literature and China Studies trip to Guangzhou, China and Hong Kong. They visited important historical and cultural sites in Guangzhou and Hong Kong such as Liede Village and the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, learning about how major historical changes in these countries significantly alter the identities of individuals and how they perceive themselves in a society thrown into flux. Students also attended a talk conducted by Professor Julian Lamb in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. All in all, the trip served as an eye-opening experience for the students, allowing them to explore alternative world-views.

Literature and Art Trip to Perth, Australia 2015

Group Shot @ Monument Hill. Literature & Art Trip to Perth, Australia 2015 

In June 2015, H1 and H2 Literature Students took part in the Literature Trip to Perth. Visiting historical and cultural sites such as the National Park in Yanchep and King's Park in the City Centre, students saw how the society respected and preserved the culture of the indigenous people, incorporating it into their larger national identity. Students also attended a creative writing workshop at Edith Cowen University facilitated by Susan Midalia, the Writer in Residence for 2015. All in all, these experiences enabled students to reconsider their understanding of society and to expand their view of the world at large

“[The trip] has inspired me to see and appreciate the languages I speak everyday much more. Words are indeed so beautiful, and ironically, there are really no words to describe their sheer beauty” – Jacinth Chia, 15A06

Literature Trip to Vietnam 2014

Group Shot @ Reunification Palace, Ho Chi Minh City. Literature Trip to Vietnam 2014 

Comprising of H1 and H2 Literature Students, the Literature Trip to Vietnam in November 2014 sought to deepen students' understanding and appreciation of Southeast Asian history and culture. Visiting historical and cultural sites, students learnt how key events like the Vietnam War shaped the cultural consciousness of individuals and society at large. In Hanoi, Students were also given the opportunity to visit the Vietnam Pictorial – a magazine arm of the Vietnam News Agency – and speak with an editor to examine the use of media in shaping public discourse. The highlight of the trip was a visit to the Hanoi National University of Arts & Literature; where students attended a seminar and were given time to engage in a dialogue with local Vietnamese students on the use of media in society. These experiences enabled students to reconsider their understanding of life in Singapore – as well as what it means to be Singaporean – in a new light.