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Enrichment Programmes

Enrichment Programmes

    1. Inter-Class Current Affairs Quiz. Class teams battle it out in a quiz which tests their Current Afairs knowledge through various rounds of elimination to emerge College Current Affairz Quiz Champion. See photos below.
    2. Morning Assembly Student Orations (MASO). This is held on a weekly basis every Thursday morning. Students identified by teachers as having good public speaking potential are invited to share their personal views for 2 minutes on a variety of topics during Morning Assembly in front of the entire college in order to inspire their listening peers in the use of good spoken English.
    3. Pre-University Seminar – Held annually in June during the first week of the Mid-Year School holidays. A group of 20 students and 2 reserves are selected from a pool of interested student applicants to represent PJC as presenters and/or participants in this 5-day residential seminar held at NUS/NTU. Shortlisted candidates need to work on a given research topic, present their findings and answer questions in a Question and Answer session where questions are fielded by other participating colleges, polytechnics and institutions.
    4. College Reading Programme – These include periodicals like The Straits Times, Broader Perspectives, and the PJC GP Bulletin. The variety of reading materials subscribed to by students serves to encourage and inculcate the reading habit where vital content information and good written English skills can be assimilated and internalised.
    5. Overseas Trips. Overseas learning journeys are usually conducted at the end of each year in Nov-Dec with specific experiential learning objectives to help students internalise useful content-specific information, hone critical thinking skills as well as skills of good spoken and written English. In 2015 and 2016, GP students and teachers went on leaning journeys to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh where they learnt about the rich history and visited sites such as Angkor Wat which is a United Nations World heritage site.
    6. ST-MOE Big Quiz – To hone our students’ knowledge in Current Affairs. Students can participate in the Straits Times-MOE Current Affairs Quiz. 3 students and 1 reserve get to represent PJC at this national level Current Affairs Quiz. In 2015, PJC emerged victorious in the last leg of the National Quiz held at PJC.

Inter-class Current Affairs Quiz:





Overseas Immersion Trip to Cambodia:

Visit to the United Nations World Heritage Site – Angkor Wat

Ta Phrom Temple in Siem Reap.

PJC students and teachers at the S21 Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum with one of the last few survivors of the S21, Mr Bou Meng.

Visit to Pannasastra University in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Above and below: Learning about the importance of local culture and the Arts at the Cambodian Living Arts.