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Syllabus / Assessment

Syllabus Outline for General Paper

Syllabus Outline for General Paper Syllabus 8807 / Papers 1 & 2 

The paper will test the candidate's understanding and use of English, and the extent to which he has achieved maturity and independence of thought appropriate to pre-university students in his second year. It is not primarily a test of general knowledge. However, wide and intelligent reading is expected of all GP students. 

GP is divided into 2 papers and candidates must offer both. Paper 1 (Essay) and Paper 2 (Comprehension) are taken at separate sittings within the same day. 

Paper 1 (50%) consists of 12 questions from which candidates will be required to write an essay on one. Questions will be general in nature and require candidates to draw on their knowledge from across disciplines as well as to show an awareness of current, global and significant local/national issues. Candidates are given the opportunity to express an informed, critical, creative and relevant response to these issues. 

Paper 2 (50%) consists of one or two passages of continuous prose on which questions will be set to test candidates' ability to comprehend, explain, infer, evaluate and summarise. Candidates will also be required to synthesise information and respond to concepts or ideas conveyed. They will apply their response, based on their understanding and interpretation of the text(s) as a whole, to a task derived from the text(s). 

The duration for each paper is 1 hour 30 minutes. 

PJC’s variety of assessment goes beyond merely assessing essay and comprehension written skills. JC 1 students are also assessed in oral communication skills which constitute 5% of the entire promotional examination marks of 100% (which comprises 20% Mid-Year Exams, 20% Continual Assessment and 60% Year-End Promo Exams). This 5% assessment in oral communications comes in the form of Newsroom Presentations where each student is assessed on clarity, grammar, pronunciation and style in addition to the content of the presentation.