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Department’s Mission and Vision / Department’s Objectives

The PJC Humanities Department is committed to student excellence and believes in developing empathy as well as analytical skills in our leaders of tomorrow. Student learning is at the core of the department's mission.


The Humanities Department is home to programmes that cover the study of human experiences and interactions with one another and the environment.

Humanities teachers believe that Pioneers can and want to excel. Through our Humanities academic programme, our teachers strive to engage, motivate and empower students in their learning and appreciation of the Humanities. Armed with a wide range of teaching approaches from Game-based Learning to the use of Geographic Information System, the department develops students with strong thinking abilities and yet rooted in sound values.

The department also embraces the principles of Assessment for Learning by harnessing a wide range of assessment modes that enhances students' learning and prepare them for the 'A' Level examinations. These different modes include formative exercises such as quizzes, presentations, portfolio and project-based assessments which aim at content retention as well as to develop the students’ argumentative and analytical skills.

The Humanities Department in Pioneer Junior College offers the following subjects - Art, China Studies in English, Geography and History. More information on the subjects’ curriculum can be found at the following links:



China Studies in English