Programme Overview

Vision: To nurture a love for the arts through cultural and aesthetic appreciation

Mission: Deliver an effective arts curriculum to nurture visual literacy and realize students’ potential in the arts

Desired Outcomes: Every student understands that the arts is a fundamental human experience/ activity that:
  • Captures Imagination 
  • Communicates ideas and emotions 
  • Shapes culture 

The pjART programme (2009-present) has adopted a 5 year plan in phases of
          1. Structuralisation 
          2. Sharing 
          3. Specialisation 
          4. Sharpening 
          5. Scholarship 

to achieve student outcomes based on 21st century skills and college core values of:
  • Having a sense of Commitment 
  • Showing Compassion 
  • Seeking Continuous Improvement 
  • Demonstrating Confidence 
  • Building Strength of Character 

, by fostering and infusing these values through lectures, tutorial discussions, assignments, assessments and research consultations.

The pjArt programme cultivates the 21st century skills and competencies through a structured instructional programme:

Critical and Inventive Thinking Skills are taught through research, problem-solving, contextualised and game-based approaches that are pedagogically essential for the Study of Visual Arts (SOVA) and Studio Practice (Coursework).

Information and Communication Skills are emphasised in student-centred research assignments and presentations, where students are given opportunities to articulate individual thoughts and expressions.

Civic Literacy, Global Awareness and Cross-cultural Skills are embedded components in the study of arts cultures and trends that evolve locally and globally which inform knowledge and enhance skills in art practice.