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China Studies in English

Department’s Mission

Mission: To develop students into confident, global-savvy individuals, who are insightful and keenly aware of the developments in modern China.


H1/H2 China Studies in English is an inter-disciplinary subject that aims to promote students’ awareness of, and interest in, contemporary China. The syllabus will focus on geopolitical, economic and socio-cultural forces related to China’s development since 1978, and their role in shaping events and trends in China and beyond.

The subject strives to develop a deep understanding of concepts, issues and perspectives relating to modern China. The curriculum is designed to enhance effective learning through the incorporation of strategies such as essential questioning, game-based learning (i.e. The Middle Kingdom Race board game), mind mapping, conceptual development, teaching for understanding and experiential learning trips. Emphasis is placed on the cultivation of thinking skills such as deduction, making inferences, evaluation, compare and contrast, generating informed speculation, creative content and skills application.

China Studies in English aims to enable students to:
  • Gain a broad exposure to key issues related to the development of contemporary China; 
  • Deepen their understanding of the Chinese, their culture and ways of thinking; 
  • Develop an awareness and appreciation of diversity among the people and regions of China; 
  • Appreciate the geopolitical and economic implications of China’s rise as a regional and global player; 
  • Develop an understanding of the social and environmental implications of China’s development; 
  • Develop skills in evaluating diverse perspectives on China and arrive at an informed judgment of issues; 
  • Develop independent study skills in order to pursue a topic of interest related to China (for H2 only).