“Taking History at PJC is like putting on a pair of lenses. You will never view the world developments the same way ever again. Thank you for the History Experience.” Ang Kheng Kiat 10A06

Department’s Mission

Mission: To foster and infuse college core values through the History curriculum. Commitment, compassion, seeking continuous improvement, confidence and strength of character are principles central to the discipline of History, which studies human conditions and decision-making.


The unit strives to develop a deep understanding of key concepts and emphasises the distinctive ways of thinking that characterises the discipline of History. The History curriculum is designed to enhance creative and effective learning through the incorporation of strategies such as essential questioning, use of modelling, game-based learning, mind-mapping, the use of timelines and experiential learning. Emphasis is placed on the cultivation of thinking skills such as deduction, making inference, evaluation, compare and contrast, creative content and skills application. The History curriculum is also devoted to the development of written, verbal and visual presentation capabilities in students.