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Mathematics Enrichment Programme

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO)

The SMO is the largest and oldest mathematics competition in Singapore. Each year, thousands of students from all over the country take part in SMO. In Pioneer Junior College, we nominate students who have displayed outstanding aptitude for the subject to undergo at least 4 training sessions to prepare them for the competition. Through the rigour of the training programme, we aim to expose our students to abstract Mathematics and foster critical thinking amongst them.

Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)

The AMC was introduced in Australia in 1978 as the first Australia-wide mathematics competition for students. It has become the largest single event on the Australian education calendar, allowing students to attempt the same tasks on the same day in over 30 countries around the globe. In Pioneer Junior College, we open the competition to all interested students and provide training to enhance their problem solving skills.

Learning Journey to National University of Singapore (Department of Mathematics)

The learning journey to National University of Singapore (NUS), Department of Mathematics, is an outreach programme designed for junior college students with interest and aptitude in Mathematics who plan to study mathematics in university. The programme aims to introduce prospective students to the mathematics course in NUS, as well as to create awareness of the relevance and applications of mathematics. The programme includes an introduction to mathematics programmes in NUS, enrichment talks conducted by renowned professors and hands-on computer lab sessions on mathematics software.