H1 Mother Tongue Languages:

For the majority of the students, the department aims to nurture them to be proficient enough to communicate effectively in their respective MTL, to embrace the right culture and values and to develop a love or interest for the language. This curriculum will promote engaged learning through lessons and assessments that are more interactive and authentic. Emphasis will be put on the use of the language in authentic situations. Students will leverage on the web-based MTL oral portal and e-learning platforms to enhance their aural-oral and reading skills. They will also be given opportunities to participate in a wide range of enrichment programmes such as the “MTL fortnight”, learning journeys and inter/intra-class competitions, etc. For H1 CL, class-banding based on students’ O level MT results is adopted to enhance the learning experience of students of varying abilities.

Mother Tongue Languages Syllabus B:

In Syllabus B, the classroom experience aims to help them learn to communicate confidently in MTL, especially orally, through the effective use of ICT/media, as well as the bilingual teaching approach, where EL is used in the initial learning stage.

H2 Mother Tongue Literature Languages:

For students with a flair for MTL, the curriculum aims to develop their understanding and appreciation of literary works. The MLEP special programme launched in 2012 is specially catered to students talented in Malay. Students under MLEP will read H2 ML and be highly immersed in ML-related immersions and literary activities, both in the classroom and in the co-curricular area.