Enrichment Programmes

The Mother-Tongue department organizes engaging activities to create an immersive environment for the learning of Mother-Tongue Languages

Chinese New Year Concert

Poetry recital by H2CLL students 

Symphonic Band 

House challenge 

Indian Dance 

Malay Dance 

Modern Dance 

Teachers Performance 

Mother Tongue Fortnight

Mother Tongue Fort Night kicks off every year in April with various interesting activities organised for the students.

With the combined efforts from all three language units, Mother Tongue Fortnight was successfully held from 6-17April 2015. A variety of activities were organised to create an immersive environment for the learning and appreciation of MTL; to provide platforms for students to actively learn MTL and the associated culture; to provide authentic opportunities for students to use MTL and experience the culture.

The Chinese Language unit organised CL talks by famous local film director, Royston Tan and well-known radio DJ & film producer, Wong Woon Hong. Our students had gained insights of the creative arts industry and many were inspired by the speakers’ sharing.

The Malay Language unit organised various creative writing competitions on poetry and short stories.

Similarly, the Tamil Language unit organised a motivational talk coupled with Tamil language quiz. The topics for the quiz range from Tamil Literature to Mathematics.

To add to the excitement for the day, traditional Chinese and Malay food appreciations including talks and samplings were greatly enjoyed by both our students and staff.

MLEP Immersion Trip to Indonesia

MLEP students went on an immersion programme to Semarang, Malang, Bromo and Surabaya to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Malay language and culture as well as promote interaction and friendship between students and their counterparts in Indonesia. They found themselves fully immersed into the rich and colourful culture of Indonesia.

“This immersion programme has left me with a sense of gratitude towards Singapore. As a youth, I realised that the future is ours to shape and we play an important role in maintaining our country’s growth economically and socially. Having said this, I respect Indonesia for not abandoning its culture and heritage in the race for urbanisation. I feel that this is something Singapore could learn to preserve our identity as a nation of diverse backgrounds.”

Nur Amirah Salimin 14A06 

“On the whole, it was an enriching learning experience for both our Pioneers and the Indonesian students as they interacted and gained insights of each other’s culture and lifestyle during the school immersion. The Indonesian experience had a deep impact on our students and they clearly learnt a great deal. Overall, the MLEP Immersion programme was awesome.”

Mdm Lorena Bte Ibrahim, MLEP teacher

CL Overseas Trip to Xiamen, Kinmen and Taipei

The Xiamen, Kinmen and Taipei year-end trip was a ground-breaking learning journey conducted by our college’s China Studies in English (CSE) and Chinese Language units to expose 27 JC1 students to the varying cultures across the Taiwan Straits. This trip aims to broaden the understanding of CSE students on cross-straits relations.