Syllabus / Assessment

  • Chinese H1 
  • Malay H1 
  • Tamil H1 
  • Chinese language and Literature H2 
  • Malay language and Literature H2 
  • Tamil language and Literature H2 
  • Chinese Syllabus B 
  • Malay Syllabus B 
  • Tamil Syllabus B 

Admission to local Universities

(A ) Minimum Requirement

Applicant needs to attain one of the following:
          1. Minimum of D7 for the higher MTL paper taken at the O-Level examination. 
          2. Minimum of S grade for the H2 MTLL paper taken at the A-Level examination. 
          3. Pass in the MTB Syllabus paper at the A-Level examination. 

A Mother Tongue subject (Chinese/Malay/Tamil) taken at a separate sitting of the GCE A-Level examination is acceptable for purpose of admission. H1 Non-Tamil Indian Language (Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Panjabi and Urdu) or H1 Foreign Language (French, German and Japanese) may be taken in-lieu of MTL.

(B) Mother-Tongue Syllabus B

Performance in the Chinese B / Malay B / Tamil B is indicated as Merit, Pass or Ungraded. Candidates who pass the Mother Tongue B will be deemed to have met the Mother Tongue requirement for admission to University. However, no consideration will be given in the computation of university admission score.

(C) Special Exemption

Students who did not sit for MTL at O-Level due to special approval from MOE (eg. Medical reasons, returning Singaporean, foreigner) need to submit the approval letter to the college during matriculation.

New applicants need to see Head of Mother-Tongue for application during matriculation.