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Physical Education

Our Vision:

To encourage Physical Education for Life

Our Mission:

To implement a planned and purposeful PE programme that will provide a variety of student-centred instructional activities to equip individuals with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to enjoy and sustain a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

Aims and Objectives of the Physical Education Programme

The aim of the PE programme is to develop the physical, intellectual, social and emotional skills of the students through the medium of physical activity.

Our Approach:

PE serves to complement other educational areas in promoting educational outcomes that are less likely to be achieved in other subject areas.
The manner in which PE activities are taught determines how students will feel about making it a part of their lifestyle. The PE programme for students should be enjoyable to ensure that they develop a positive association with activity.

Physical Education 1_1.jpg
Tug of war during Inter House Games 

PE lessons may include meaningful discussions to promote interaction and the fundamental understanding of basic health-related concepts. Physical activity must, however, remain the cornerstone of PE programmes. The PE syllabus aims to develop physically fit students who are knowledgeable about games, and to ensure that they are able to apply the lessons learned in PE in their daily lives.

The attributes that this PE syllabus seeks to develop in each student are that he or she:
• Learns skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities;
• Knows how to develop and maintain physical fitness and is physically fit;
• Fosters positive self-esteem through body awareness and control;
• Participates regularly in physical activity and knows the implications of and the benefits of involvement in physical activities;
• Acquires safety skills and habits in physical activity; and
• Appreciates the concepts of fair play and good sportsmanship.