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Syllabus / Assessment

PE may not be an examinable subject but this does not mean that it cannot be an assessable subject. Evaluation of PE is often mistaken as the conduct of the NAPFA Test. While it is possibly the most visible and tangible measurement of the effectiveness of a college’s PE programme, the NAPFA Test merely tests but one of the aims of PE. Due consideration must also be given to the other aims and objectives of PE. Testing, to be of value, must be conducted with a specific purpose in mind. The assessment system in Pioneer Junior College seeks to assess the Affective, Psychomotor and Cognitive domains of PE.

The format of the PE Assessment System:







Skills Evaluation



PE Group Project



Theory Test










All students will receive a grade for PE in their result slips at the end of each academic year. For JC1 students, the grades will be reflected in their promotional exams results slip. The grades will be reflected in the Preliminary Exams results slip for JC2 students.

The grading system is shown below:

A – 70% and above
B – 60% to 69%
C – 50% to 59%
D – Below 50%
VR – Exempted

Description of Test Components

NAPFA Test (30%) – All students are to take the NAPFA Test annually. The points scored in the NAPFA Test will directly correspond to the score achieved for the PE Assessment System, regardless of whether the student attained a NAPFA Award. This ensures that a student who fails a station is given the incentive to put in his best effort for the remaining stations. For instance a student who fails the Chin-Up station, may still do well in the NAPFA Test component by scoring 5 points in each of his five remaining stations to achieve 25 points out of a maximum of 30.

Skills Test (20%) – The Skills Test is a formative evaluation of the students’ progress in the sport or game being taught. Each sport or game module is taught over a teaching term of eight weeks. Of the two sports or games taught in a year, only one will be assessed formally for the purpose of the PE Assessment System. The sport or game to be assessed will be left to the discretion of the respective PE teachers. The grading table for Net/Barrier, Territorial and Striking/Fielding Games are attached in Annexes C, D and E respectively. The grading table for Track and Field is attached in Annexes F and G.

PE Group Project (20%) – The PE Group Project requires students to plan and implement a Peer Teaching session of between 20 – 30 minutes’ duration. Students are to work in groups of 4 – 5. Each project will be based on the Curriculum Sports module and will cover either a game skill OR game tactics / strategies.

Theory Test (20%) – The Theory Test is a Multiple Choice Question Test comprising questions on the rules, regulations and concepts of the sport or game module that is being formally assessed under the PE Assessment System.

Participation (10%) – This component comprises Attitude (5%) and Involvement (5%). The grading table for Participation is attached in Annex H.