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Enrichment Programmes

2013 Visit to TRIUMF

TRIUMF is Canada’s national laboratory for nuclear and particle physics research and related sciences. In January this year, our students embarked on a nine day programme to the research facilities at TRIUMPF. Students attended mini lectures and were introduced to particle accelerators. They also observed high precision atomic mass measurement using the TITAN, which is a facility routinely used to determine precise nuclear binding energies of very short lived isotopes.


TRIUMF research scientist working on the TITAN (TRIUMF’s Ion Trap for Atomic and Nuclear science) and explaining the working of the various equipment set-up.

Students having in-depth discussion on the concept of nuclear physics - binding energy.

2012 Science Day

Themed “Science Kaleidoscope”, the objective of this event was to allow students to appreciate the beauty of Science – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students were treated to a myriad of scientific experiments, explained by their own peers who conducted the demonstrations. Our Guest-of-Honour, Professor Kwek Leong Chuan, delivered an interesting introductory lecture on Quantum Physics, which furthers fuelled the students’ desire to venture into the realm of the quantum world.





2011 Sharing by Professor Kerson Huang

The Physics Department invited Professor Kerson Huang, a master of Physics and a maestro in Literature Arts, to deliver a keynote address to students and teachers. Professor Huang spoke about the importance of Science, the development of Physics, and his keen interest in proteins and the cosmos. He also shared about his interest in poetry, leaving the audience in awe of his commendable ability to indulge and excel in both the Sciences and the Arts. The close-up interaction with Professor Huang proved enriching and engaging, and students and teachers alike were inspired by his deep interest for his scientific research, and his positive outlook to life. Fara Shazreen Binte Razali’s (11S01) reflections summed up the learning from this sharing session aptly: “The session was one filled with intellectually engaging discussions between students and the man himself. It was certainly a great opportunity to interact with a man who defines his life based on his interests, and has found success despite the many hardships that he had faced during his childhood years. He never saw any of his hardships as ‘hardships’, but rather, opportunities to grow. I am deeply moved by his thirst for knowledge, and his love for Physics.”