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The PJC English Department's mission is to promote a positive learning environment by cultivating an affirming departmental culture for the linguistic, cognitive and character development of our students.

The department believes that students will learn best in an environment that is motivating and affirming. Our philosophy is that students can learn, given proper guidance and encouragement, and will learn, provided that their own attitude is positive. Our conviction, as language teachers, is in developing the whole child, for language shapes thoughts and personality.

As a department, we pride ourselves on a strong sense of professionalism, and an equally strong spirit of camaraderie amongst its members. Members take initiative and suggest constructive measures that will improve student performance and staff welfare, and adopt an attitude of openness with respect to the implementation of these initiatives. At the same time, there is much intra-department sharing of ideas, resources and a general willingness to lend support to one another.


English Literature