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PJC Students Participate in Singapore Memory Project

Source: Lianhe Zaobao

Date: 2 October 2013

Translations for ZaoBao Popcorn article

Pioneer Junior College participated in the Singapore Memory Project 
Lee Yi Xuan (13S09) 
(From zbPOPCORN 2/10/2013, Page 4) 

On 27 July 2013, the Jurong Health Services held a community outreach activity. Five young reporters from Pioneer Junior College were honoured to participate in this meaningful event as volunteers. Our task was to interview Jurong residents to collect their interesting stories and photographs about the past of Jurong. Selected stories and photographs will be showcased on the 400m Jurong Memory Wall in the new hospitals – Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital which will be opening in 2014.

There were many interesting encounters during the event which impressed us. There was an elderly in her 80s who shared with us about her school days. The transport system in the past was not yet developed therefore; she had to walk a long distance in order to reach school on time. There was a time where she was rushing to school and she lost her balance. In the end, she fell down hard on the ground. The old grandmother even showed us her scars on her knees. Another interesting story was about a couple who got married more than 30 years ago. They first met at Chinese Garden in Jurong. It was a love at first sight for the man. He then tried his best to woo the girl. After a few years, they got married and till now they are still living in Jurong. The old couple revealed that there is a huge difference between the current Jurong and the Jurong in the past. At present, Jurong is a bustling and flourishing town.

At the end of this event, we collected more than 50 Jurong memories. All the interviewees hoped that these Jurong memories will be able to showcase to the public especially the younger generation to let them know about the past of Jurong and the effort of the pioneer generation.

We have learnt a lot through this event and we sincerely hope that Jurong will continue to prosper.