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Top Scorers of 2017 A Level Examination















Outstanding Pioneers 2018

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Photo moment with Major General Mervyn Tan and Chief Defence Force Lieutenant-General Perry Lim. 

Our President Scholar with Principal Pioneer JC Mrs Tan-Kek Lee Yong.

Natasha with family members and Principal Mrs Tan.

Wonderful photo moment with family members! 



Our student, Cilian Chua from 11S25, receiving the prestigious 2012 Singapore Police Force Book Prize!
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Pioneers make their mark...

Interview with our Alumni - Part I

Isabel Ahmat
Isabel Ahmat graduated from the class of 2005 from PJC. She is currently in her final year of Medical school at NUS .She shares with us how PJC has shaped her into the person she is today.

How has PJC shaped your life?

I owe a lot of my success to PJC. It has given me ample opportunities to shape and find success in life. This is one of the reasons why I will always make time to return to the college to assist in any way I can. I find it extremely meaningful to share with the students about how I persevered to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor; it is my way of giving back to the college for shaping my life.

What inspired you to succeed?

The caring culture of the college made me decide to try hard for my studies. I am grateful to my teachers, especially Mrs Wee Huay Huay, for giving me the confidence to try and succeed again.

How was PJC special to you?

The social and academic aspects of the college are well developed at PJC. The students are guided in a very holistic manner. I remember fondly my days at the college; going to school was not all about studies, it was fun and inspiring too. Despite my initial failure, I was constantly challenged to strive for success. I enjoyed the diversity of the college and was involved in a number of programmes (such as Peer Tutoring, CIP) in school. I found my role as the Captain of the Track & Field Team extremely enriching and it provided a healthy outlet for me whenever I was stressed with my studies. Overall, my experience at PJC has shaped me into the person that I am today. I am convinced that besides grades, what got me a spot in medical school was the confidence and the extra edge that the college has given me and that prepared me well for the entrance interview.

Can you share with current Pioneers some insights on entering our local medical faculty?

Of course grades are important, but what sets you apart would be your interest and commitment in achieving your goal. My advice for those keen to get into the medical faculty is to be well prepared for the interview. One way is to get involved in charity work or go for internship opportunities at hospitals to show that you are serious about becoming a doctor. This is one area which PJC has developed well as the college's CIP and work shadowing programmes allow students to explore various career opportunities. 

Can you sum up your experience at PJC?

PJC shaped me into the lady, the doctor and the person that I am today. I really enjoyed my time in the college and I keep with me constantly the college creed of “While I Live, I Learn” and “Always Serving, Always Learning” as an inspiration for life. PJC is definitely my choice JC if I were to do it again.

Interview with our Alumni - Part II

Stephen Siew
Stephen Siew Ka Fai graduated from the class of 2005 from PJC. He is currently in his final year of Medical school at NUS. Here, he shares with us his journey and how PJC has helped him succeed.

What inspired you to succeed?

I am grateful to my teachers, especially, Mr Michael Kwok, Miss Yap and Miss Ng May Ling, who were inspiring and encouraging. They were instrumental in helping me succeed.

How was PJC special to you?

PJC has a rather diverse student population, not all of us are straight “A” students, but the college gave us opportunities to shine in different ways. I was involved in the “Peer Leaders Programme”, where I had to tutor my peers. Sharing and teaching my classmates helped me deepen my understanding of the subjects and improve academically. That experience helped me gain confidence and gave me a chance to lead.

Tell me something you would like to share with Pioneers.

Never stop believing and never give up on your dreams. PJC taught me to be a person of integrity and compassion. The teachers believed in their students, not just in grades, but in building our characters. I think the extra emphasis on character building was unique to our college and that has shaped me into the person that I am today.

Having a balanced approach towards your studies and other areas in life is important. This approach was instrumental in helping me ace my A levels. I was very much involved with scouting and kayaking during my years in the college. Looking back, I am glad to say that it was not all about studying, but I had avenues to pursue my other interests.

Can you share with current Pioneers some insights on entering our local medical faculty?

Grades are the basic foundation that will put you through the first cut, after that, it is how you perform during the interview. PJC prepared me well for this as I was given a wide range of opportunities to explore my ambition to become a doctor. Going for work shadowing programmes and internships were indeed very helpful as it gave me the chance to get a feel of what being a doctor entails. Till today, I am filled with a sense of pride whenever I see Pioneers shadowing doctors on their rounds in hospitals.