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Affective Education




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To build character via the inculcation of college values and provision of social and emotional support structures

There are 4 SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL SUPPORT STRUCTURES in AD department. They are:

  • Civics Tutorials and Assembly
  • Mental-Well Being Programme
  • Higher Education and Career Guidance (ECG)
  • Partnership with Parents àParent Support Group
  • Partnership with Alumni à Pioneer Alumni Circle

Visions of 4 Social and Emotional Support Structures:

  1. Civics Tutorial and Assembly: Holistic Development in Every Pioneer
  2. Mental Well-being Programme: Resilience in Every Pioneer
  3. Higher Education and Career Guidance (ECG): To Instil Values and Develop Competencies that would enable every Pioneer to be Employed in a Career of their Choice and to have Lifelong Employability

4(a) Parent Support Group:

A partnership to support and nurture Every Pioneer

    4(b) Pioneer Alumni Circle: A Vibrant Pioneer Fraternity

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1. With the vision and mission of Affective Development Department for Citizenship and Character Education, the department adopts a values-in-action strategy to develop the Pioneer of Good Character and aspires to attain 3 student outcomes 1.Confident Person, 2.Self-directed Learner and 3.Compassionate Leader with the 5 college core values of commitment, compassion, confidence, continuous improvement and strength of character personified by the starfish logo in the centre.

2. This aspiration is supported by the 4 social emotional structures of the department, 1.Civics Tutorials and Assembly, 2. Mental Well-Being Programme, 3. Higher Education and Career Guidance and 4. Partnerships with Parents & Alumni

3.To achieve the desired outcomes, the department takes on the 3 strategic approaches as stated in a), b) and c)

AD programme include the following:

(1) Civics Tutorial and Assembly Programme (CTA)

(2) Higher Education and CareerGuidance (ECG)

(3) Mental Well-Being Programme

(4) Partnerships with Parents andAlumni


Civics Tutorial and Assembly Programme (CTA)

The Civics Tutorial and Assembly (CT/A) Programme aims to support the delivery of the MOE CCE syllabus[1] as well as to inculcate Pioneers of Good Character. PJC undertakes a thematic approach and the 2 major themes will guide all the assembly and CT lessons across JC1 and JC2. For JC1, the student cohort will focus on Understanding Self and JC2 will focus on Developing Self. Each term will focus on specific social emotional competencies and college values. These selected social emotional competencies and college values will be explicitly delivered through the CT lessons.

CT/A programme is held on every Wednesday 1230 to 1330 and Thursday 1300 to 1200 and the following chart is an overview of the CT/A programme:


[1]The MOE CCE syllabus include Sexuality Education (SEd), Cyberwellness, ECG, National Education and Values in Action