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Arts & Aesthetics

Arts Education @ PJC

The college’s Arts education philosophy is demonstrated via the twin pillars of ‘Academic Excellence’ and ‘Character Development.’ An Arts education is integral to the child’s holistic education that develops and inculcates knowledge and skills in the context of Singapore’s multiculturalism. In a rapidly changing global landscape, our students must be dynamic and flexible, and yet rooted to values.

The college’s Arts education aims to nurture a culture of arts exposure, experiential learning and engagement in order to develop Pioneers’ intellectual capacity and potential in the arts. Students are equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills that are aligned with the 21st Century competencies through relevant opportunities created for them.

To achieve the aim and objectives of an Arts education, the Arts and Aesthetics Committee acts as an umbrella organization, providing the necessary guidance and support to IP and non-IP departments with regard to initiatives proposed.

Arts & Aesthetics Committee Vision

An Appreciative Audience, a Talented Performer, a Lover of the Arts

Arts & Aesthetics Committee Mission

To maximise the creative potential of every Pioneer through exposure to and engagement in various artistic expressions.

Arts Education Programme

Arts education in PJC follows the Talent Develop Council Model to Opportunities for staff and students to engage the Arts through various levels of engagement such as Discovery, Developing or Excelling in an area of the Arts. These are practised via three broad categories of the Arts; the Visual Arts, the Literary Arts and the Performing Arts. Students in Arts & Aesthetics CCAs also have opportunities to Initiate, Lead and Mentor activities in their chosen fields

Arts education in PJC caters to the interests and needs of our college community. The benefits of participating in Arts-related activities are extensive; engagement in the Arts is educational, rehabilitative and therapeutic. More significantly, it ensures a sustained and vibrant culture in the college.

It is for these reasons that PJC has a vibrant array of signature Arts programmes in its college calendar, such as:  
  • Pioneer’s Got Talent 
  • Arts@Assembly Series 
  • Elemental Concerts

Accolades and Achievements

2011     Sustained Achievement Award (Aesthetics)
2011     National Arts Education Award (SPARK)
2015     National Arts Education Award (GLOW)