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Performing Arts Concert

Elemental 2012 - Performing Arts Public Concert (12 May 2012)

The performing arts groups of the college endured long hours and weeks of hard work, and displayed a tenacity and sheer determination to succeed in perfecting their art to produce Elemental 2012. The biennial performing arts concert showcased the creative energies of the college’s Choir, English Drama Society, Malay Cultural Society (Dance), Modern Dance Club, Tamil Language Society (Dance) and Symphonic Band. The concert, held at the Singapore School of the Arts Concert Hall on Saturday, 12 May 2012, also incorporated exceptional works conceptualised by students and teachers from the Visual Arts and Malay Language Elective Programmes.

Performance by the Malay Cultural Society. 

Themed ‘Being’, Elemental 2012 was infused with the raw emotions, pure energy and zeal of our Pioneers as they explored the meaning of existence – of struggling to find life’s intricate balance, of falling into an abyss and picking up the pieces, and of discovering the inner strength to move forward, of resilience. From performances that reflected notions of Jubilation, of Tribulation and of a sense of Disquietude, the audience was treated to a more affirmative experience of an Awakening, of a sense of Fortitude and of Being human. It was a showcase that reflected a collective inner voice that would, in totality, capture the trials and tribulations of an individual’s life journey, and how he was able to overcome them through his persistence to succeed.

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Top to bottom: Performances by the Tamil Language Society, Choir and the Combined Performing Arts Group. The dance performed by the Malay Cultural Society, Modern Dance Club and the Tamil Language Society was specially choreographed by Mr Nur Saspurie. 

Scene 3: Disquietude - Malay Cultural Society & Malay Language Elective Programme 

Scene 2: Tribulation - Modern Dance Club 

At curtain call - A resounding success! 

Pioneer Junior College’s Principal Mrs Tan-Kek Lee Yong, our Guest-of-Honour, had this to say about Elemental 2012, “It was an excellent showcase…so full of zest and passion that I don’t usually witness in college performances!”

Undoubtedly, the audience identified with the plethora of emotions revealed – as they saw, heard and felt the Pioneer heartbeat as Elemental 2012 took them through a journey towards self-discovery.