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Citizenship Education

Unit’s Vision

The Unit’s vision is ‘To make the community a better place’. This is derived from the College’s vision of ‘Always Serving, Always Learning. 

Unit’s Mission

To foster and infuse college core values through the CE Program. The 6 National Education Messages are transmitted through the college’s 4 CE strategic thrusts of Building a National Identity, Encouraging Racial Integration, Active Citizenship and Going Global while Remaining Rooted. Through engaging partners both in the public and private sectors, the CE program aims to provide platforms for the students to engage in authentic tasks that develop both knowledge of the challenges that Singapore faces as well as the passion and commitment to engage these issues.

Objectives of Citizenship Education

CE in PJC has the objectives of grooming the leaders of our nation and this takes the form of having students know more about, feel for and act on issues pertaining to our homeland.

Desired Outcomes for Students

The CE unit firmly believes in the primacy of values education in bringing about the national outcomes of National Education at the post-secondary level – Lead Singapore. To this effect, the Pioneer Heritage Program was initiated in 2011 where stories of Singapore Pioneers are used to remind students of our past and inspire the former via the strong values held by these Pioneers.


The college’s Citizenship Education (CE) Committee designs programmes to develop students into committed citizens who are socially and culturally sensitive and have the awareness of community, national and global issues. The cornerstone of the college’s National Education programme is based on the four National Education Commemorative Days of Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day. Special effort is made by the CE committee to ensure that the programmes are age appropriate taking into consideration that the students, at the JC level, will be equipped to serve as future leaders of Singapore.