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Co-Curricular Activities


Refined, resilient and compassionate Pioneers


To provide ample opportunities for Pioneers to explore and pursue their areas of interests and strengths through sports, the arts and service-learning.


  • Equip students with life skills including leadership and decision-making skills 
  • Inculcate in students correct values and desirable social attitudes 
  • Provide healthy and meaningful recreation 

CCA is an integral part of every Pioneer’s experience in the college. Ranging from the physically challenging to the intellectually stimulating, CCAs provide a platform for Pioneers to acquire, improve and demonstrate their skills, knowledge and inter-personal acumen that prepare them to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Every Pioneer is encouraged to have one CCA and excel in it. The experiences, achievements and participation of every Pioneer will be reflected in the School Graduation Certificate.

CCAs Offered


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Sports and Games

Arts and Aesthetics 

Passion and Interest