Audio Visual Club




The AV Club is a passion and interest CCA where members sign up for the CCA due to their strong interest and desire to know more about the audio and visual aspects of events management. 

All new members will start off with basic intensive training on the handling of the different audio visual equipment. This is followed by on-the-job training where the new members will shadow the senior members during morning assembly and College events where AV Club support is required. Students are rotated to perform the different aspects of AV functions during the various events to ensure that all students are able to acquire all the necessary skills and exposure. 

The AV Club is a specialised CCA with a current membership of 32 students. Due to the nature of its activities, the students were able to forge a close working relationship and strong teamwork among themselves, always encouraging each other along the way, be it in their studies or CCA matters.

Teachers In-charge, Technical advisors, EXCO and training information

Teachers In-charge 
Mr Gerard Ng Wee Meng (I/C)
Ms Ong Lay Yean
Mr Fong Kwok Kwong
Ms Goh Lee Leng

Technical Advisors 
Mr Mohammad Faiz Tahir 
Ms Tan Xiao Hui 


Liw Jun Le


Lim Wei Ting