Chinese Cultural Society



The Chinese Cultural Society (CCS) hopes to raise the appreciation level of Chinese culture in Pioneer Junior College. Our main activities include drama and song appreciation. Besides this, the CCS also holds regular outings to Chinese-related industries and places of interests to expose our members to the different dimensions of Chinese culture and language. This includes tea appreciation, visit to the Chinese Heritage Centre, the NUS and NTU Department of Chinese Studies, and Mediacorp, etc. The CCS has also supported the college’s Mother Tongue Department key projects, such as the 2017 Mother Tongue Fortnight. Our members have also initiated Values-In-Action projects that focus on raising the standard of the Chinese language and appreciation of Chinese culture. In short, the CCS aims to provide a more holistic and new experience for our members and the student population in appreciating Chinese language and culture. 

Teachers i/c, Instructor, EXCO and training information

Teachers i/c

Ms Yen Fong Cheng
Ms Ng Yok Lan

Mr Tang Shaowei
Ms Zhang Man

Vania Anne d/o Arokianathan
Class:  16A07

Training days
Wednesdays 230pm to 430pm 
Fridays 4pm to 6pm  

PJC Geography Room