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Community Engagement Council (CEC)



The Community Engagement Council (CEC) aims to develop student leaders and ambassadors who will motivate and encourage their peers to be proud and responsible citizens of Singapore. It is a student leadership group dedicated to the areas of social cohesion at the college and national level.

In pursuit of this objective, CEC members, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and OnePeople.SG, undergo the prestigious and comprehensive Community Engagement Leadership Programme (CELP) to be trained as Community Engagement Leaders (CELs).

CEC members seek to inculcate citizenship values and responsibilities among their fellow Pioneers. Through the fostering of 21st century competencies such as instilling civic literacy and cross-cultural skills, the ultimate aim is for Pioneers to become concerned citizens who can contribute actively to the nation.

Teachers i/c, Instructor, EXCO and training information

Goh Bi Ling (18S10)
Teachers i/c
Mr Lim Weili 
Mr Chay Chun Ho Jack
Ms Lynsey Lee


Foo Jia Yi (18A09) 


Stephen Yu Kai Xuan (18A04)


Rossel Anne Patacsil Mallorca (18A08)

Project Director

Goh Bi Ling (18S10)

Head of Welfare

Foo Ming Zhou (18S22)

Training days
Wednesdays (3pm – 6pm) and Fridays (4.30pm – 6pm)


Computer Laboratory 1