Debate Society



The Pioneer Debate Society is a close-knit fraternity with members who share a passion for using their wits and words to persuade and convince. With the Society’s motto of ‘Wits, Words, Will’ in mind, members are taught the art of debating, which hones their critical thinking and public speaking skills, and most of all, inspire confidence in themselves.

There are multiple competitions which are organised by various universities and junior colleges all year round, in which members are strongly encouraged to participate to pit their intellectual and public speaking skills against debaters from other institutions. Members are also highly encouraged to attend an adjudication course which certifies them to judge debates at the Singapore Secondary School Debating Championships.   

By the end of their journey in this Society, members would be able to tackle the world with a greater sense of empathy and understanding of how the world works, and with this, become better people of tomorrow.

Teachers i/c, Instructor, EXCO and training information

Teachers IC

Ms Lin Kui Fong
Ms Zaleena Razal 

Mr Samuel Wittberger
Mr Lai Shueh Chien

Nicole Ng Jing Wen
Class: 17A02

Lucius Wei Xueze
Class: 17A07

Team Captain
Gan Chiu Kiat Christopher
Class: 17A02

Welfare Head
Edmund Yew
Class: 17A05


Saran Raj s/o Mohan
Class: 17A07

Training days
Wed: 2.30 – 5.30 pm
Fri: 4 – 7 pm


G4-02 and G4-03