Eco Club



Eco Club aims to nurture its members to champion environmental ownership and commit to care for the environment through practising the 5Rs (refusing, reducing, reusing, recycling and rotting). The club members are actively involved in activities like the annual Green Bazaar (with the theme ‘Pioneer the Environmentalist’ and in collaboration with the Interact Club in the Pioneer Heartbeat Day on 27 April 2016), mini-terrarium workshop (a DIY project about learning to create a mini-garden in one’s home), Mental Wellness Week (10 May 2016), Greenwave Environmental Care Competition (with members preparing project proposals), and the various recycling projects (in particular the Food Digester Project which sees the food canteen vendors recycling leftover unsold food in the food digester to be used as fertilisers).

Teachers i/c, EXCO and training information

Teachers i/c
Mr Lim Chin Kuan
Ms Tan Mei Li Jasmine 


Ibrahim B Mohamed Farid

Class: 17S22


Phang Jia Xuan

Class: 17S19

Training days

Wednesdays & Fridays