Floorball (Boys)



Floorball was established in 2013 as a student-initiated CCA in PJC. Since then, with strong support from the college, effective management by the teachers-in-charge, strategic training sessions with the coach, and most importantly, the passion and dedication of the players, the team went from unplaced in 2014 to Top 8 in 2017 in the National A Division Floorball competition. The Floorball team continues to build up its capability and reputation and strives to break the stronghold of the Top 4 teams in the A Division with a combination of grit and determination.

Teachers i/c, Instructor, EXCO and training information

Teachers i/c
Mr Har Choong Gin

Mr Teo Teck Hean
Mr Tan Seng Ming (TSO)

Mr Tan Kwee Ann

Daniel Lai Eu Xian
Class: 17S04 

Joel Wong Jun Wei
Class: 17A01

L Harisankaran          
Class: 17A02

Training days
Wednesday and Friday

PJC Hall