Infocomm Club



Infocomm Club aims to prepare members for the evolving digital age by providing them with opportunities to develop communication, collaboration and information skills. Members engage in projects and use the skills learnt to serve the college and society. Recognising the need to keep abreast with technology, members participate in conferences, learning journeys and workshops. To stretch their potential, members participate in competitions and challenge themselves with the best.

Teachers i/c, Instructor, EXCO and training information

Teachers i/c
Ms Goh Wan Rong
Ms Lee Yoke Cum Lynsey
Mr Ng Zhifeng Clement
Mr Khoo Puay Cheng

Huang Hongrui
Class: 17S12

Vice President

Lee Yu Hong
Class: 17S04

Design Head
Kendrix Wee Jun Han
Class: 17S04  

Training Head
Zou Haotian
Class: 17S23

Training days

Wednesday 3-6pm
Friday 4-6pm


Computer Lab 5