Modern Dance Club



Pioneer Junior College’s Modern Dance Club aims to foster a closely-knitted family of vibrant dancers and confident individuals. The club strongly believes in the importance of having a sense of purpose and taking pride in everything that we do. This allows us to grow not only as dancers but also as active members of society. As dancers, we are trained to be disciplined without it inhibiting our ability and freedom to express ourselves through music and movement. Synergy is the secret behind the synchronisation inherent in all of our performances. All these have allowed the club to attain stellar results in both local and international dance competitions. We have consistently obtained the Certificate of Distinction the SYF Arts Presentation for Dance (International) and hope that our performances will continue to ignite the appreciation for dance in all our audiences.

Teachers i/c, Instructor, EXCO and training information

Teachers i/c
Ms Liu Chang 

Ms Tan Lee Peng
Ms Tay Xue Lian Sherilyn 

Mr Terence Then


Tham Zhi Shan Mark


Liew Xin Hua
Serene Tan Sher Yun

Training days
Wednesdays (230-530pm) & Fridays (430-630pm)


Dance Studio