Symphonic Band



Since its humble beginnings in 2000, the Pioneer Junior College Symphonic Band (PJCSB) has grown in strength to become the strong ensemble it is today. Under the baton of our Band Director, the Band has achieved the many accolades including the Certificate of Distinction in the 2017 SYF Arts Presentation. The Band believes in bringing out the musical vibrancy in every member and has taken part in several concerts and public performances, both locally and internationally. The Band focuses on teaching members to be diligent and committed, besides inculcating important values which would shape Band members to be role models in character. 

Locally, the band participates actively in the biennial concert as part of the college’s performing arts groups, Elemental, with the aim of showcasing the musical talents of the band members to their families and friends. In college, the band frequently performs in college events and celebration. The band has also been invited to perform at the Istana in 2010. 

In order to cultivate a sense of global awareness in our members, the band goes on an overseas music exchange trip every other year. Countries which the band has visited include Taiwan and South Korea. During the trips, the band members received first-hand experiences of different cultures and gained a better insight of music styles from around the world. 

With continuous and sustained support from the school, the PJC Symphonic Band will continue to scale greater heights and strive for excellence in musical performance.

Teachers i/c, Instructor, EXCO and training information

Teachers i/c
Mr Pang Kang Ming
Mr Cheung Jun Jie
Mr Goh Yong Siang


Mr Francis Tan Huan Chun
Ms Ruth Lin Chun’en

Lim Zheng Ting
Celia Pratitalie Nathania
Denzel Lim Shin Jie

Training days

Wednesday (Sectional practice: 3.00 – 6.00 pm)
Friday (Full band: 4.30 – 7.30 pm)

Music room